Print any product and cable label with the versatile BBP33

Custom labels for the BBP33 Label Printer

BBP33 applications

The following specifications and customisation options can all influence a quote for your personalised BBP33 labels.
Contact us if you are unsure about one or more items on this checklist:

  • which Brady printer(s) you will print your custom label on
  • which type of custom (labels/tags/continuous tape/self-lams) you require
  • which label material (Brady B-number) you need
  • which label dimensions (label width & height in mm) you need
  • which layout or preprint (e.g. logo or text) you want
  • which label colour you prefer
  • the amount of labels you need (minimum 1000 labels or 1 continuous roll)
  • which standards or norms your label needs to comply with (ISO, Underground, UL, ..) – mainly applicable within Automotive & Aviation environments


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