LOTO services

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LOTO services

Information management is one of the biggest challenges in maintaining a safe facility. Countless safety related documents and procedures need regular updates and reviews. Otherwise, confined space permits, Lockout/Tagout procedures and policies quickly become outdated.

To keep safety procedures impactful and relevant, Brady offers services and software that help visualise and manage safety procedures, even across borders in multiple plants.

Lockout/Tagout Complete Service

The Lockout/Tagout Complete Service greatly supports companies that want to implement Lockout/Tagout. Tailored to the needs and requirements of specific plants, the Lockout/Tagout Complete Service not only offers Procedure Creation but supports you all the way, from pre-audit until implementation. The Lockout/Tagout Complete Service can include:

  • procedure auditing
  • procedure creation
  • procedure field communication
  • energy source tag installation
  • procedure training
  • Link360 training
  • Lockout/Tagout Shadow Boards
LOTO services